Music Release

Release your music the right way.

Let SULT | Agency™ handle the boring stuff. Your job is to focus on your craft and collect 100% of your earnings everywhere without losing any ownership your art.


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SULT offers unlimited distribution to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, TikTok, YouTube and more.

Music Registration

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Don’t risk mis-filing or losing out on your hard-earned royalties. Our industry professionals will handle the paperwork.

Copyright Services

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Is your content secure? SULT will copyright your intellectual properties and sound recordings on your behalf before others claim it as their own.

Terms & Conditions

All services available exclusively to members subscribed to SULT Agency. 


Distribution Services

  • SULT | Agency™ distributes exclusively through DistroKid.

  • Artist retains full rights of his/her music, keeping 100% of all interactive streaming royalties and download sales.

  • Additional terms and conditions.

Music Registration 

  • Artist is responsible for completing the Music Registration Form and providing the pertinent information and documents before SULT | Agency™ can sign him/her up with any services, as both a songwriter and publisher.

  • SULT | Agency™ will register on artist's behalf with the Performing Rights Organization – ASCAP if artist is not yet signed with any PRO. The artist is responsible for covering cost of PRO membership.

    • To ensure that artist receives full payment for your artistic works, we will register an account for you to be listed as both the Song Writer and Song Publisher. The fee for this service is $150.

  • SULT | Agency™ also registers artists' music with:

    • Soundexchange

    • Harry Fox Agency (HFA)

    • Music Reports

    • Songdex

    • Nielsen BDS

    • Nielsen Soundscan

    • Alliance of Artist and Recording Companies (AARC)​ 

  • Music Registration services is exclusively for music distributed through SULT. Artist is responsible for registering whichever songs they may have previously released elsewhere.

  • Artist collects 100% of all performance royalties, U.S. mechanical royalties, interactive streaming royalties, sound recording digital performance royalties, and hometaping and rental/lending royalties. 

Copyright Services

  • SULT | Agency™ may submit Copyright Registration forms on your behalf, ensuring both the Sound Recording (SR) and Performing Arts (PA) copyrights are applied.

  • The fee for this service is $159 for a one-time submission of up to 10 songs.

  • Songs must be submitted all at once to avoid any additional charges.